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Our Guide 

For anyone about to undertake a home improvement project, it is important to be informed, and for the first-time loft converter, the array of design options may be overwhelming. For that reason, our guide is on hand to outline the main conversion types, the associated costs and how long one can expect each project to take.

The Velux


This is the least expensive option and involves creating a room out of your original loft space by adding insulation, electrics, a staircase, reinforcing the floor, adding skylights and final decoration. The purpose of this job would be to create an airy, naturally lighted living space without changing any of the original loft dimensions. This kind of project requires the least construction work and in the majority of cases there is no need to obtain planning permissions.



The cost for this type of conversion is generally between £15,000 and £20,000, with variations depending on house size and location.

Conversion Time 

The Velux conversion is the shortest type and is likely to take between 3 and 4 weeks to complete. 

The Dormer 

This is the most common type of loft conversion. The project involves building a flat roofed extension that rises from the vertical slope of the original roof. This in turn would give you more space and headroom within your loft. They are applicable to most houses in the UK and since the introduction of new building regulations in 2008, many are now allowed to be constructed without planning permissions. The “Dormer” model is also very versatile; the conversion can be achieved on multiple sides of the house and there is room for variation on the roof design.



Dormer type conversions start at around £30,000 and can go up to £60,000 depending on your house size and personal specifications

Conversion Time 

This loft conversion is likely to take between 4 and 6 weeks to complete. However, if permissions are needed for the project then this can be extended by up to 3 weeks

The Hip to Gable


As the name suggests, this conversion involves creating more space in your loft  by replacing a hipped (sloping) roof with a vertical gable wall. The original hip ridge of the roof is extended up to the vertical wall and space is created where previously it was in-accessible. These types of conversions typically don’t require planning permission, however restrictions do sometimes apply if you live in a conservation area.



This type of project is more complex and this is reflected in the price. Cost’s start at £40,000 and can go up to around £65,000 depending again on house size and the area that you live in.


This type of conversion is likely to take around 6 weeks to complete.

The Mansard


Mansard loft conversions require the most construction as it essentially involves extending the entire roof face of your house. This original sloping roof is replaced by an almost vertical side (at a 72 degree angle) and windows are constructed within small dormers - so not to lose any space on the interior. This opening out of your roof is a vast extension, and with it comes a great deal of extra space. This type of extension almost always needs planning permission.  



This project is both the largest and the most complex. Prices start at £45,000 and can go up to around £70,000


Being most the most complex, this project is likely to take around 2 months to complete from beginning to end.