Overview: The Different Types of House Extensions

Our guide to house extensions will help clarify what type of projects are available and how each might work for you.

The Single Storey House Extension

Not only will a single storey extension add value to your property, it can completely transform the way you use your ground floor. It is a straightforward project whereby an extension is built adjoining one side (or more) of your property, and there is only the ground floor or basement built to it. With this type of home improvement, you have the option to either add another room to your home or extend an existing room into an open plan space.

There are three main types of single storey extensions:

Rear Home Extension

This type of extension is built out the back of the house into the garden and often accommodates open concept kitchens or combined living and dining areas. The design is often seen with large sliding doors installed into the rear -so to connect the garden more visibly with the rest of the home.

Side Return Extension

A side return extension expands out of the side of the house into unused alley way space. It is a common extension to have in Victorian or Georgian type houses which often have alleyway space as part of the original design. There are plenty of design options with this type of extension and huge potential to open up poorly lit back rooms into airy new utility spaces.

Wrap Around Extensions

This involves extending both the back and side of the property to wrap around into an L shape. This type of extension takes up less space in your garden compared to a rear extension and is useful if you have unused alley way space. With this project comes the opportunity for open plan utility areas and even the chance for a new room altogether. Like the rear extension, one will also find the home more connected to the garden.

A Double Storey House Extension  

This project gives potential to expand living space or add new rooms across two storeys in your home. One could have, for example, a new dining/kitchen area on the ground floor with an additional bedroom/bathroom/office added on the floor above. This type of extension is also versatile in the sense that it can be built on the side or rear of the property. Although it is a more complex project than a single storey extension, it is also more cost effective as you will be using one roof and the same foundations for both levels -which makes up a large part of the overall cost.

An Over-Structure Extension

This type of extension is built over an existing structure on your property, like an attached garage, a living room or other single storey extension. This type of project offers the chance to have a large bedroom, office or children’s playroom built into your home. Before the extension can start however, it must be checked that your existing structure has sufficient strength to have work done on top of it.