Who’s Who And Who Does What In A Construction Project?

Updated: Apr 28

It is common for larger building works, such as conversions and extensions, to require specialist knowledge and skills at different stages of the project, however, understanding who exactly does what and knowing when to approach them can become an overwhelming task in itself -especially when there is often overlap between roles. Below we have listed the professionals typically involved in a construction job and explain at which point they come in.


After having decided on your home improvement project, an architect should be the first person you discuss your plans with. It is the responsibility of an architect to create a scaled design which meets your needs as a client and fulfills the necessary regulations. Once complete, the architect has the task of ensuring that this design is implemented correctly and so will liaise with the project contractor and make periodic on-site visits. At Property Makeover Ltd we have an experienced in-house architect as part of our service, however if you choose to obtain your planning and design from another architectural firm, then we are more than happy to liaise and take on their blueprint.


The responsibility of the contractor is to offer a quote for the design of the architect. This will be based on labour costs, material costs and your own budget. If this quote is found agreeable, the contractor will then oversee the implementation of the design. This will involve; hiring the building team (he/she may be part of the building team as well), obtaining the necessary permissions and agreements and making sure each aspect of the job is completed on budget, on time and to standard. Our contractor at Property Makeover Ltd already has a team of handpicked and highly skilled builders, however not every contractor will and therefore would need to hire externally.


If the project requires specialised work (a certain type of plumbing or carpentry for example) and there is no one in the building team capable of carrying it out, then a contractor will have to take on a subcontractor who can. The contractor should recognise the need for a subcontracted service during the planning stage and factor this in to the quote provided. During the construction phase itself the contractor is responsible for the subcontractor that is taken on and should ensure that their works are in alignment with the rest of the project.


The team of builders and tradesmen will often be personal connections of the contractor, and more often than not, they will have worked together previously. Builders carry out the construction itself, and the team may include specialised tradesmen who focus on one specific area.

Property Makeover Ltd

At Property Makeover Ltd, our architect, contractor and workmen are all “in-house” -meaning they have experience working together and a close professional relationship. Our team prides itself on delivering seamless projects, from the planning and design stage right through to the actual construction. If you would like to learn more about our services and the way we work then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.